Entrepreneur, aviation & people specialist, helping build collaborative partners, stronger bonds & better results.

Strategy, Consulting & Entrepreneurship

With strong entrepreneurial experience I conduct strategy sessions and trainings with entrpreneurs in 24 countries globally. Experience in growth processes, market analysis, team engagement and new income streams concepts. Served successfully in Board Director roles.

Speaking, Conferences & Training

With a background in television and the aviation industry, skilled in Strategy, Business Planning, Sales, Relationship Building, Media Production, and Risk Management. Very comfortable to lead leaders and speak in front of people. I have lead groups, staffed academies, MC'd conferences and trained entrepreneurs.

Changing Mindset & Building Connections

I help businesses grow using mindset models & tools. We choose to work in the aviation and aerospace industry. Also helping people, businesses, teams & entrepreneurs build better and more effective mindset, behaviours, collaboration and communication. 


"I have always been impressed with Fletch's dedication, humour, authenticity and deep understanding."

"I have known and worked with Fletcher for years, have personally observed and heard other's comment on his ability, and that he has strong understanding of products he represents."

"It has been a great experience working with Fletch. Our facilitator community is truly lucky to have him."


Fletcher spent the past two decades training entrepreneurs, business people, building content, and speaking globally - including Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) forums, company boards, conferences, Arbinger workshops, and the prestigious Leadership Academy in Washington DC.

The former ad man is also the producer of global TV show, “FlightPathTV” and the author of the bestselling  "Lessons from the Sky" series.

His specialist area is the aviation industry, where he has worked with MD Helicopters, Aeronet, Air & Ground, Reliance Aircraft International, Oceania Aviation, Temora/Omaka and Avalon Airshows, C4 Systems, NZDF, Royal New Zealand Air Force and Pappus.

A board member of the NZ Aeronautical Trust, he also holds a private pilot’s license, and has won two National Flying competition titles.

Lessons From The Sky

My philosophy of learning from others 

ebooks and paperbacks available @ amazon.com

81 Lessons From The Sky

81 General Aviation Stories

I help others understand how to learn from others experiences and collaborate. So being a pilot, I wanted to share a few of my own thoughts and stories and then gathered eighty-one easy-to-read, true stories from actual pilots, including what they learnt from their accidents and near misses. Stories from around the globe, from the General Aviation community on their own near misses and their learnings. Learn from the experiences of other pilots so you don't become another air incident statistic. 

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101 Lessons From The Sky

101 Air Transport Stories

As I read and selected stories from around the world, I realised I had amassed nearly 200 stories. I started editing and working out how I can structure the stories to make it easy for pilots to reference the learnings. Asking a few pilots I knew well, whether or not General Aviation and Air Transport should sit together, i.e. would pilots want to read both? Would they get value from the other stories? Their thoughts were to spilt the two books and keep them seperate. This is 101 Air Transport Lessons From The Sky.

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51 Lessons From The Sky

51 US Air Force Stories

Stories from Special Ops, 77th Fighter, 36th Maintenance, 58th Operations Support, 962nd Airborne Air Control, 80th Flying Training Wing, 25th Fighter, 18 OSS/OSOST, 47th Flying Training Wing, 40th and 39th Airlift Squadron, 43rd Airlift Wing, 32nd Air Refueling Squadron. With all crew surviving to tell their tale. Read about complacency, maintenance issues, poor planning, limitations and fatigue, and dozens more easy-to-read true accounts of potentially catastrophic incidents and the lessons the pilots, the crew, the ground crew learnt.
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